-Self reliance and guaranteed supply of 63 to 64% Fe concentrates to the Nation’s Primary Steel Plant at Ajaokuta which if started, has to run continuously for a period of at least 15 years uninterrupted. -Guaranteed supply of 67 – 68% Fe Concentrates to the Delta Steel Plant when the Superconcentrate/Weathered Ore Pre-treatment Plant project is completed. -Meeting of the local iron ore needs of the Nation’s Oil and Gas Pipeline Coating Industries, Cement Industries, etc. -Meeting of the local requirement of the nations sponge iron for local steel industries -Development of the locally available steel making raw materials, namely; lump iron ore, limestone/marble, dolomite, refractory clays, cokeable coal, manganese, bauxite, ferro-silicon, ferro-manganese, aluminium pigs, scrap, natural gas. -Employment generation at NIOMCO, upstream and downstream Industries for inclusive economic growth. -Technological acquisition and Human Capital Development in Solid Minerals Development and allied services. -Conservation of foreign exchange through Import Substitution. -Earning of foreign exchange through export of excess capacity. -Increased Gross Domestic Product and greater profitability for the nation’s strategic Iron and Steel/Manufacturing Sector of the Economy. -Diversification and Industrialisation of the economy through upstream and downstream industries which supply or receive inputs from NIOMCO. -Increased National Revenue through Profit Tax, Sales Tax, Tenement Rate, Ground Rent, PAYE, etc. -Contribution to National Infrastructure, namely; Rail Lines, Power Lines, Housing, Rural Roads, Processing Plants, Dams/Water Supply Systems, etc.
Regular safety drills training sensitization, information/direction and ensuring the constant use of standard safety procedures, tools and gadgets
To operate in compliance with approved Impact Assessment Documents
Waste products associated with iron ore and other steel-making materials
NIOMCO is located at Km 15, Okene - Lokoja Road, P.M.B. 1001, Itakpe, Kogi State.
7.2 million tonnes of Run-of-Mine Ore to be processed into 2.15 million tonnes of Iron Ore Concentrates and 0.55 million tonnes of superconcentrates.
To meet the needs of the nation’s integrated steel plants (ASC and DSC) and other clients through consistent production of high quality iron ore concentrates and associated products.
To be a reliable producer and supplier of iron ore concentrates and other raw materials required for the nation’s steel industry.
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NIOMCO is headed by a Sole Administrator/Chief Executive and has nine (9) departments namely:  Sole Administrator Department  Mines Department  Beneficiation Department  Administration Department  Finance Department  Estate Department  Power and Utilities Department  Engineering Services Department  Commerce Department
NIOMCO is National Iron Ore Mining Company, Itakpe, a parastatal under the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development in Nigeria.
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